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On Topic Of: Closet-Republicans, Conservatives Who Claim To Be “Independent”

October 4, 2013

No, closet-Republicans does not refer to homosexual Republicans.  Frankly, like many Americans I don’t care who you love or have sex with.  No, I’m referring to the “conservatives” who are QUICK to disavow the Republican party when discussing current events/politics.

Is it cowardice?

And if “cowardice” sounds like awfully strong language, let me ask YOU: what would you call the act of being in support for Republican legislators and Republican introduced and supported legislation, only to DITCH your support when challenged about that support by saying something like, “I’m not a Republican” or “I never said I was a Republican”?

Case in point.  This photo says “Not A Democrat, Not A Republican”

original republican

The photo, however, is posted on Original  Isn’t Original Republican proud to BE a Republican?

Look, I am a Democrat.  I support my Democratic legislators.  I don’t always agree with Democratic policy or legislation, but I don’t disavow my party affiliation, either.  And I certainly wouldn’t promote NOT being a Democrat.

I don’t get it?  Do you?

Another example.  This time, BILL O’REILLY gives the cold shoulder to the GOP (courtesy Daily Show With Jon Stewart via Comedy Central)

Even when most Democrats in the Senate AND House voted for the Iraq War Resolution, I DID NOT DITCH MY PARTY.

Even when Democratic law makers (President Obama, too) gave up on a “single payer” healthcare system for Americans, I DID NOT DITCH MY PARTY.

Another example.  First, “…not a Republican or a Democrat”.  Then, “I’m a conservative Libertarian”.  Lastly, “…ruled by leftward politics”.

drew combined

My point is this.  If you claim to be an “independent”, how can you then exclusively support Republican policies, legislation, re-election efforts and more, but then turn around and disavow everything you supposedly support?  Isn’t that hypocritical?  Would a true “independent” be so vociferous in their support of Republican ideals, legislation, policies, re-election efforts, while being EVEN MORE vociferous in their condemnation of ALL liberal policies and efforts?  I don’t think so.

So if the a fore mentioned sounds like you, you’re likely NOT an independent.  No, more likely, you’re a closet-Republican who deep-down knows how unpopular your party and its views are, likely the person who votes “straight-ticket” Republican no matter what, likely contributed to Republican campaigns but not a single Democratic campaign, likely has a Republican bumper-sticker on your vehicle and conservative talk-radio programmed in your car radio.  Get my drift?

Dig it.  My reason for this article is simple.  Politics and policy in this country are mostly determined and influenced by two political parties in the Senate, House, and White House (W.H. exclusive to one party at a time, of course).  And we can’t have a real discourse on politics and policy if you disavow your party while espousing its actions!  It’s not genuine, which in turn hurts your credibility.  So if you are a true Independent or Republican, I welcome discussion of issues and facts, its how we all learn from each other.  However; if you’re a closet-Republican (independent, libertarian, etc), you prove you lack ANY objectivity, and therefore are, in reality, just anti-Democrat.  Nothing else.

Last example. “…not a Republican”, followed by lament of his party, then the inevitable and decidedly NOT democratic/Democratic “#ShutItDown”.

Brent combined

Real easy to pretend to rail everything (false outrage) instead of genuinely being FOR something.

Thanks for reading,



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