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On Topic Of: Fulham FC And Chicago Cubs, What They Have In Common

September 28, 2013

Fulham Football Club and the Chicago Cubs.  You probably wouldn’t think these two have much in common, right?  After all, one is baseball and one is football (soccer, to we Yanks).  Come to think of it, they’re each their country’s pastimes!

But seriously, there is just something basic that both teams have in common.  Something that fans of both teams can admire about each other.  Hopefully it will become clear to Cubs and Fulham fans by the end of this article.

Okay, so before I begin in earnest, here’s a little background on how someone from the middle of Illinois became an FFC fan.  First off, I enjoy the game – I played soccer in high school (million years ago), enjoy catching a match on tv when televised, but never really became a fan of EPL (English Premier League) soccer until a few years ago.

But how does an American who knows very little of the intricacies of how English football teams, leagues, championships and the like, become a fan of FFC?

Answer: FIFA 07 (EA Sports).


Quite finished laughing?

I’m serious!  I got the game FIFA 07 in 2010.  That same year I saw England and USA match-up in 2010 World Cup play.  US goal-scorer that match was Clint Dempsey. (stay with me!) Dempsey played for Fulham, so I decided to use Fulham when I played FIFA 07!  Yeah, that’s a pretty weak reason, I’ll admit.  But playing the game I began to learn names like Lois Boa Morte, Higar Helguson, Diop, Niemi, which lead me to do a little more research about by my adopted team by the Thames, and BOOM!  FFC fan is born!

So now about those similarities…

  • Both stadiums are in big cities

Craven Cottage (Fulham’s home field) is located in West London.


Wrigley Field (Chicago Cubs home field) is located in Chicago, Illinois.


  • Both teams are as old as time itself

Fulham Football Club was established in 1879.


The Chicago Cubs were established in 1876.


  • Both teams stadiums are old too

Craven Cottage was constructed in 1905.


Wrigley Field was constructed in 1914.


  • Both have ties to Michael Jackson (a stretch, admittedly)

Michael Jackson statue just removed from the grounds at Craven Cottage.


Michael Jackson lived in Gary, Indiana. (which borders Chicago metro).


  • Both have rival teams with d-bag fans

Fulham’s rival is Chelsea FC (Chelsea sucks).

(photo is sole property of Geoff Stevens, all rights reserved, 2013)

(photo is sole property of Geoff Stevens, all rights reserved, 2013)

Chicago Cubs rivals are the St. Louis Cardinals (Cardinals suck).

  • Both teams fans have chants

Fulham FC chant.

Chicago Cubs “chant”.

  • FINALLY (this hurts)…neither have won the Big One (not in a while, at least)

Fulham FC has yet to win the Premier League.

Cubs haven’t won a World Series since 1908.

Bottom line, Cubs fans bleed blue…

Fulham fans bleed white (and/or red?)…

BOTH clubs endear the loyalty of fans despite setbacks.

Look, it’s easy to be a fan when your team/club wins (buy) championships year in and year out.  It’s a lot harder when your team is the butt of jokes and laughter.  But that’s what set’s Fulham and Cubs fans apart from other fans.  It’s also the biggest thing both sets of fans have in common, and most importantly (here’s where this comes full circle) its “What They Have In Common”.

So, why are you a Cubs fan?


Why are you a Fulham fan?

For me, maybe I love the underdog.  I made my first visit to Wrigley Field in 1981.  Someday, I hope to visit I’d like to think rather, that’s it’s the elusiveness of the hunt.

I will leave you with a gallery of each teams digs.  I hope Fulham fans reading this might gain an appreciation of my Cubbies.  Likewise, I hope Cubs fans gain a greater appreciation of my adopted EPL team, Fulham.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Thanks for reading.



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