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On Topic Of: Gun Violence In America

September 17, 2013

Notice I didn’t title this post Gun Control?  Yes, I did that for a reason, thank you.  Gun ownership has become a part of our country’s identity…for now.  And I believe that the term gun control has been poisoned by gun-advocate groups, manufacturers, and legislators to conjure up specters of black helicopters with government agents “coming for your guns”…

Jeez, where to begin?  Trayvon MartinNewtown?  The NRA?  How about starting with an argument against measures to reduce Gun Violence:

“Only way to stop a bad guy with a gun, is good guy with a gun”

Fellow liberals don’t freak, but that argument is mostly true.  With the exception of Antoinette Tuff (woman who talked down school shooter), the only other way to stop a bad guy with a gun IS a good guy with a gun.  Now BEFORE PRO-GUN FOLKS CELEBRATE, YOU CANT DENY the most unfortunate consequence of that truism is that the “bad guy with a gun” usually kills a bunch of people BEFORE the “good guy with a gun” kills him.

Bad guy w a gun

And in some circumstances, even the good guy with a gun can’t stop the bad guy with a gun.

This brings me to the next point “pro-gun” folks make (Liberals, I will argue against this one)

“More guns, not gun control, will keep us safe”

No, not true.  In the most recent tragedy of gun violence at the Washington Naval Yard, the shooter started with his ONE firearm (shotgun), and apparently gained TWO MORE firearms by murdering two innocent people.  And I would BET that both of those brave Americans were fully trained in the use of their firearms.

Also, while on the subject, I would like to add my sentiments to the millions of other Americans who are saddened by this tragic loss of life and offer my condolences to the friends and families of the 12 innocent Americans lost at the Washington Naval Yard.

180872700.jpg -


Now as I mentioned from the outset, the use of the term “gun control” is poisonous.  Not only is it synonymous with “taking away our guns” to “pro-gun” folks, but As Liberals we often hear (because it’s screamed at us):

“Gun control don’t work!  Chicago has the strictest gun laws in the country!”

Whoa, whoa, whoa.  To be fair, let’s first compare MASS shootings with Gang shootings.

  • Gang shootings = Meant to kill rival.
  • MASS shooting = Meant to kill whomever is around.
  • Gang shootings = Possibly kills innocents.
  • MASS shooting = ALWAYS kills innocents.

This one is real easy, readers.  The ONLY intention of a MASS shooter is to kill as many innocents as possible.  Period!  Chicago gang violence is unacceptable, but it is NOT the same thing as MASS shootings!

Gang versus Mass gun violence

So is owning a firearm a “right”?  Ask a “pro-gun” advocate and they may tell you:

“My right to own a gun is protected by the 2nd Amendment”

Well, while I won’t argue about the need for a well-regulated militia right now, I will suggest that we could at least reduce gun violence in this country by getting Assault-TYPE weapons off the market.  I have other suggestions for curbing Gun Violence, but will hold off that discussion for a little while longer.  Look, should Americans be able to own a firearm for hunting or home protection?  I guess.  I mean, if you choose to shoot yourself, that’s your business.  –> WHAT?  What makes me say that?  According to the majority of gun deaths is by s-u-i-c-i-d-e (11k gun murders in 2010 vs 19k gun suicides in 2010).  The unfortunate thing about guns in homes with families is that gun violence is often directed at a family member, whether on accident or purposefully.  But if the Constitution says you can own one, then that is law, right?  Do strict “Constitutionalists” who fight for 2nd Amendment rights believe those rights are extended to convicted murderers, children, or the mentally infirmed?


This brings me to the argument,

“Gun ownership is an absolute right!”

Do the NRA and other “pro-gun” advocates really believe its an “absolute right”?  I doubt it.  I’d be more apt to believe their definition of “absolute right” includes the exceptions of: convicted criminals, the mentally infirmed, and lets be honest, anyone who isn’t white.  Yes, I’m serious!  Think about it, what would the reaction of right-wingers be if there was a nationwide push for blacks to get firearms ID cards (FOID cards, in Illinois) and purchase firearms?  And ya know what?  This isn’t some far off notion, either.  There are some, my father included, who believe that we black people should be get gun-ownership cards and conceal-carry permits because, as he puts it, he “doesn’t want to be the another Trayvon (Martin)”.  Can you blame us for wanting to arm ourselves?  Quit allowing it to be okay to hunt us, and we wont feel the need for an arms race.

My suggestions/solutions?

Background checks, to begin with.  Limited magazine capacity, at a minimum.  And yes, (here comes the vitriol) banning the sale/ownership of assault-type firearms.  Of course, current owners would have to be grandfathered in, okay?  God forbid you have more reason to worry about black helicopters and agents, okay?  NO ONE IS COMING FOR YOUR GUNS!  But if they do, please drop me a line so I can come watch.  Because you will lose.  Sorry, it’s true.


Agree?  Disagree?  Lemme know!


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