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On Topic Of: Chicago Bears 2013-2014 Season Begins Today!

September 8, 2013

Chicago Bears faithful, we have waited a long 8 months + for the Monsters of the Midway to get back at it again in the quest for the Lombardi Trophy.

Now of course, I’ve never played in the NFL or owned a Super Bowl Ring, but I HAVE held one…worn one…and consider to put said ring in my pocket. (It was Butthhead’s, so I wasn’t worried about getting my ass kicked)

But how about this current crop of Bears?  Have any of them won one?  Held one?  More importantly, do they want one?

Before we continue this discussion though , I’d like to pause to honor a Chicago Bear great whom I met, and who was lost way too soon – Double D, Dave Duerson.


I was fortunate enough to meet with him in 2010 at an event, sponsored by the radio station I was employed by at the time.  I recall him to be a very humble, but nice guy.  R.I.P., #22 Double-D.  (learn more about his foundation here)

Dave Duerson

Okay.  On to this season.

Okay, so a lot of things come in to question this season, the loss of Urlacher, final year of Cutler’s season, new right side of the O-line, new coach(es), etc.  But along with those unknowns, are the return of the knowns: B Marshall, Matt Forte, Julius Peppers, Peanut Tillman.

Lets face it – last season started with SUCH promise, 7-1, and most of us Bears fans have set even higher expectations for them this season…at least, I do.  And I think I’ve identified a good omen: for the Blackhawks last season, their slogan, “One Team, One Goal” really seemed to set the tone, and this season’s Bear’s slogan “Believe in Monsters” hopefully will set the tone like it did for the ‘Hawks.  Afterall, its been since 1991 (arguably) that the Windy City had 2 championship teams in the same year, and I, for one, think we’re due.

As always, my personal hope is to beat the Team Way Whackers (Green Bay) twice and to win the division, but THIS year I think can be the Bears really can bring home the hardware.  Question is, do THEY want it bad enough?


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