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On Topic Of: Ed Harris’ Best Acting Scene

September 1, 2013

Never had much of an opinion on Ed Harris as an actor one way or the other, know what I mean? (sorry, Mr. Harris.  It’s really nothing personal.  Don’t dislike you as an actor, but I’m just kinda like, “Oh, Ed Harris is in that?  You don’t say.”)

But to me, there is one movie where his acting really stands out (at least in one scene) in my opinion.  Ready?  “The Abyss“.  Yes, I’m serious!  Have you seen it?

And the one scene that really seals it for me as far as his acting chops?

The scene where his character, Virgil “Bud” Brigman, revives Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio’s character, Lindsey Brigman, shown below:

Oh man, I was convinced!  Convinced he was SO in love with her.  Convinced he brought her back from death.  I was totally there, cheering when she rolls then closes her eyes and coughs.  Great scene.  The movie on the whole, however… 😉

So look, even though I’m kinda ambivalent toward his roles/acting, I think the drowning scene was definitely Ed Harris’ best acting scene.

Any other scenes in Ed Harris’ movies that stand out to you?  Comment below On Topic Of “Ed Harris’ Best Acting Scene”


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